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Even if you change carriers, your number will remain. 3-month discount period. Please contact us after the discount period ends. We will extend the discount period for you


Here are the answers to your the most asked question! We are going to help you understand more about Kimbab Mobile! ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you are using a postpaid plan, you can keep your existing number even if you change carriers.

However, if you are using a prepaid plan, you may not be able to keep your existing number. To maintain your existing number, you need to have remaining prepaid credit. If you have used up all the credited amount, your plan will be suspended, and you won’t be able to use your existing number anymore. Additionally, if you don’t continue to recharge, the prepaid phone will be automatically deactivated.

When the promotion ends, the original amount will be billed. The promotional discount amount will no longer be applied. However, you can continue to extend the promotion as long as you are in Korea. To extend the promotion, you will need to change your carrier. the promotional amount after the carrier change and plan offerings will be the same as when you first activated it.

This is the method most commonly used by savvy consumers in Korea.

However, this method may be unfamiliar and difficult for foreigners.

In Korea, this is referred to as “์•Œ๋œฐํฐ ๋ฉ”๋šœ๊ธฐ์กฑ” If you’re curious, you can search for various articles about it.

Korean telecom companies have very high quality. Therefore, instead of competing on network quality, they compete on the financial aspects of their plans.

So, when they attract new customers, they pay us additional commissions. We use those commissions to offer you additional promotions beyond what the headquarters provides.

This method may not be trustworthy to you since you are unfamiliar with it. If you have any Korean acquaintances nearby, feel free to ask them about it!

To ensure you receive the promotion comfortably, we will calculate your carrier change period and contact you first. If you follow our guidance, you will be able to use the plan more affordably than Koreans.

Yes, once the new SIM card is activated, the old one will be automatically deactivated. Charges will be calculated automatically from the day of deactivation until the end of the billing cycle, and they will be included in the next month’s bill along with the cost of the new SIM card.

Please refer to the incentive materials provided at the time of activation for detailed information.

In simple terms, start by filling out the first Google form to help us recommend a suitable plan for you. Then, after reviewing our plan recommendations,ย  fill out the second Google form containing information for registration documents.

After receiving and signing the documents, along with the SIM card, activation will proceed. Since activation will be done upon receiving the SIM card, there will not be any interruption in your phone signal.

You can receive the SIM card in four ways. In the Seoul area, you can receive it on the same day via express delivery (additional charges apply), or you can have it delivered by regular courier service. Alternatively, you can pick up the SIM card in person at Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Lastly, you can receive it at the offline store, โ€œ์šฐ๋ฆฌ์•„๋น ํ•ธ๋“œํฐโ€.

Yes, it’s possible. Please press ์•Œ๋œฐํฐ to verify your identity.

Typically, if you need to pay the bill before using the SIM card, it’s a prepaid phone, whereas if you use the service first and then pay the bill, it’s a postpaid plan. Also, prepaid plans can only be activated with a passport. If you’re unsure, you can provide us with your personal information, and we can accurately confirm your data usage and monthly fees, etc. Alternatively, you can check your text messages to see if you’ve received any messages from 114.

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Kimbab Mobile vs Non Kimbab Mobile

Kimbab Mobile

Kimbab Mobile provides the most affordable plans thanks to our Kimbab promotions. We also provide you a service to help you find a plan that suits you the most. The SIM card will be delivered directly to your house, so itโ€™s convenient!

Non Kimbab Mobile

The plan charges are expensive. Moreover, you need to go and get the SIM card by yourself which means you need to go to the store.

Why Kimbab Mobile?

Encouraging clients to switch SIM card packages to avoid high costs

Smart Koreans frequently switch their providers to maintain ongoing promotions

Switch carriers, get discounts for 3-8 months from our sales commission

If we sell once without promotions in a two-year period and sell four times with promotions, our profits would be similar

About Kimbab Mobile

Kimbab Mobile is a private company that operates online which was established on December 5 th , 2023. We sell cheap phone plans to help foreigners by offering discounted phone plans, since foreigners living in Korea may be hard, and buying smart ways to use phone plans is only known amongst Koreans. Kimbab Mobile also offers you a service to choose the best plan for you.

A professional who has been in the telecommunication business for over 7 years operates Kimbab Mobile, thus we can guarantee the quality of our service. We also have a store under the name ์šฐ๋ฆฌ ์•„๋น  ํ•ธ๋“œํฐ which is located in Gokseong, South Korea.

Our shop name, Kimbab Mobile, comes from the Korean food Kimbab, this name is chosen because it is one of Koreaโ€™s representative foods and it is a name that is easy to remember.

Other than offering phone plans, we are also here to assist you with questions about life in Korea. Kimbab Mobile is here to help you for a better life in Korea.

How to Activate the SIM Card

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Fill Out the Google Form for the Consultation


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Please Check the Reccomendation Plan


If You Like it, Please Fill Out the Google Form for Registration Documents


Once the Documents are Completed, We Delivered the SIM Card and Documents Through the Post Office


When You Receive a SIM Card, SIM Activation Begins. Once Completed Replace Your SIM Card and Enjoy the New Phone Plan


Prepaid vs Postpaid

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Designed for short-term visa holders and underage users, these data packages are designed to be both affordable and practical.

Postpaid SIM Card

Designed for ARC holders and long-term residents, these plans come with a fixed phone number and cost-effective data packages.