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With the experience of operating a cellphone store for 8 years, we promise to provide you with the lowest optimal plans

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Promotion Plans

There are also various other plan available. The promotions offered by carriers change frequently.

So, if you’re interested in other plans, please fill out your information in our Google Form for plan reccomendations! We’ll contact you after reviewing it.

You can extend the promotion until your visa expires. We will contact you everytime your promotion ends to assist with extending it. Promotion are typically available for period of 6 months

Required for Activation

Common requirements: Valid ARC with more than one month remaining period of stay and a Korean Bank account

Your number can be retained even if you change to our plans

To change your postpaid plan, your current postpaid plan must at least have been used for more than 185 days, If you are using a postpaid plan, your current plan must still be active to change to another plan. If you activated with a passport, please check the FAQ below


Here are the answers to your the most asked question! We are going to help you understand more about Kimbab Mobile! 😊

If you are using a postpaid plan, you can keep your existing number even if you change carriers.
However, if you are using a prepaid plan, you may not be able to keep your existing number. To maintain your existing number, you need to have
remaining prepaid credit. If you have used up all the credited amount, your plan will be suspended, and you won’t be able to use your existing number anymore. Additionally, if you don’t continue to recharge, the prepaid phone will be automatically deactivated.

Prepaid plans can be activated with a passport. However, postpaid plans need to be activated with an ARC. The identification method used by your current carrier and the new carrier you want to change to must be the same. Therefore, you’ll need to change the identification method of your current carrier to ARC before you can change to a postpaid plan. We will assist you by preparing the necessary documents for the change. However, please note that with some carriers such as Asia Mobile, this change may not be possible which means you need to change your number. For more information, please contact our official account.

When the promotion ends, the original amount wil be billed. The promotional discount amount wil no longer be applied. However, fi you continue to stay in Korea, we will continue to extend the promotion for you. We promise to extend the promotion continuously using the legal method called “알뜰폰 메뚜기족” in Korea. To extend the promotion, you will need to change your carrier after the promotion ends, and we will contact you for that. The promotional amount and plan offerings after changing the carrier will be the same as when you first activated it.

This is the method most commonly used by smart consumers in Korea.
However, this method may be unfamiliar and difficult for foreigners.
nI Korea, this is referred to as “알뜰폰 메뚜기족”. If you’re curious, you can search for various articles about this.
Korean telecommunication companies have very high-quality networks. Therefore, instead of competing on network quality, they compete on the financial aspects of their plans.
So, when they attract new customers, they pay us additional commissions. We use those commissions to offer you additional promotions beyond what the headquarters provides.
This method may be unfamiliar ot you since ti is not common ni other countries. fI you have any Korean acquaintances nearby, you can ask them about this!
To ensure that you receive the promotion comfortably, we will calculate your carrier change period and contact you first. fI you follow our guidance, you will be able to use the plan more affordably than Koreans.

Yes, once the new SMI card is activated, the old one will be automatically deactivated. Charges will be calculated automatically from the day of deactivation until the end of the billing cycle, and they will be included in the next month’s bill along with the cost of the new SIM card
Please refer to the materials provided at the time of activation for more detailed information. In the case of a prepaid plan, any remaining balance will be forfeited, even if there is remaining credit, once the new SIM card is activated.

You have four options to receive the SIM card. In general, it is delivered by regular courier service, which usually takes about 2-3 days. However, in the Seoul area, you can opt for same-day delivery via express service (additional charges apply), or you can personally pick up the SIM card at Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Outside Seoul, you can also pick up the SIM card directly at offline stores in Gwangju Metropolitan City and Gokseong, Jeollanam-do. And we are currently preparing to open our Seoul store.

If you need to pay the bill before using the SIM card, it’s a prepaid phone. Prepaid plans can be activated with both ARC and passport. On the contrary, you pay the bill after using the service, it’s a postpaid plan. Postpaid plans can only be activated with ARC. fI you’re unsure, please contact our official account, and we will assist you in finding your carrier.

It depends on your visa eligibility. Typically, you can have up to three postpaid plans and a prepaid plan. For more details, please inquire through our official account.

Reactivating a terminated number is not possible. But if it’s been terminated within the last 30 days, you can use a supplementary service called “번호안내서비스 (Number Guidance Service)”, provided by the telecommunication company. This service allows you to maintain your terminated number alongside your new number for a certain period for free. tI is a type of cal forwarding service that ensures calls made to your terminated number are redirected to your new number, and text messages are also delivered accordingly. It’s free for a certain period, but for extensions afterward, you would need to pay around 3,000 won per month. However, you cannot make calls or send text messages using the terminated number.

ESIM is not used a lot in Korea. But some carriers can provide ESIM for you. ESIM may have different promotion amounts. For more information, please contact our official social media accounts.

Yes, it is possible. Please press 알뜰폰 to verify your identity. Refer to our posts for more information.

Korea’s 5G is only slightly faster than LTE. Moreover, it is not available in most areas, and ti can be less stable than LTE with frequent connection issues, leading to faster battery drain. Additionally, recently, major carriers providing telecommunication services, SKT, KT, and LGU+, have faced sanctions from the Korean government because these companies failed to fulfill the requirement to build base stations. Therefore, have been required to return some of the 5G frequencies provided by the government. So Ican offer you a 5g plan, but Idon’t recommend it.

The promotion of the postpaid plan we offer is only for customers who transfer carriers. Carrier companies in Korea offer us low incentives for new foreign customers. This is why we added one step before activating a new postpaid plan, so that you can be offered postpaid plan with promotions from the beginning. First, we will provide you with our free prepaid plan for 14 days. (However, the prepaid SIM fee will be charged at 10,000 won). And on the 15th day, we will contact you to help you transfer to a postpaid plan. This way, the carrier company will offer us the appropriate amount of incentive by recognizing you as a customer who changes the carrier instead of a new customer. By doing so, we can provide you with an affordable plan. However, if your plan is activated as a postpaid plan from the beginning, we cannot provide additional Kimbab promotion from the beginning, but from the time we change your carrier (after 6 months of use). Even if it is a hassle, it is the most optimal strategy for you, which is only given to you by Kimbab Mobile.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

What is Altteulpon?

In the Korean mobile market, three companies (SKT, KT, LGU+) provide telecommunication services and monopolize the Korean market.

Therefore, in order to make mobile services affordable for Koreans, the Korean government made the above three companies provide their telecommunication facilities and base stations to more than 50 altteulpon carriers at a low price. Besides, altteulpon carriers can offer plans at a much lower price than the these companies because they do not have to pay for the maintenance of telecommunication facilities and base stations. In addition, the quality of communication is very high because altteulpon uses the communication equipment of SKT, KT, and LGU+.

Currently, altteulpon is exploding in popularity among 20 year old Koreans (in Korea, they are called the 알뜰폰메뚜기족) and has nearly 13 million subscribers (out of a total of 50 million Koreans). As a result, this makes altteulpon the most preferred telecommunication service for foreigners because not only it is cheap but it also allows you to move to other carriers or cancel after 6 months.

Types of Atteulpon

Prepaid SIM Card

Prepaid plans are recommended for short-term use before getting an ARC in Korea, or for foreign travelers who came to Korea. without an ARC. Therefore, the postpaid plan is more expensive than the postpaid plan.


Postpaid SIM Card

Postpaid plans are for ARC holders living in South Korea. There are dozens of altteulpon carriers that offer postpaid plans, but we offer postpaid plans from the most reliable and affordable carriers.

Kimbab Mobile vs Non Kimbab Mobile

Kimbab Mobile

We are the only store in Korea that specializes in postpaid plans for foreigners, and you can activate your SIM card or contact customer service for information changes (change of address, change of direct debit) without visiting a store. We can communicate in many languages. Most importantly we share most of our profits with you to offer very affordable plans.

Kimbab Mobile

Other well-known stores specialize in offering prepaid plans for short- term travelers. And prepaid plans have very low returns. Moreover, they pay a lot of money to maintain their staffs and stores, so it is difficult for them to offer you additional promotions. Also, if you have any problems with the communication service after the activation is completed (for example, you need to get a new SIM card or want to change the billing address), you need to call 114 (the main customer center) in Korean and ask for a service request.

Why Kimbab Mobile?

We share our profits with you as a promotional void price discount. We do not distribute it to dealers

We will calculate your phone plan period through our system so that you can keep having promotional discounts, and so we will contact you first when the promotion ends

We have 8 years of experience in the cell phone business in Korea. Moreover, our co-sales founders are a Korean and a foreigner who speaks 4 languages, so you can get professional service in multiple languages. (French, English, Indonesian, and Korean)

If you refer your friend to us and they activate their SIM card, we will give you a gift of 10,000 won. And we will also be your supporters in your Korean life as experts

About Kimbab Mobile

Welcome to Kimbab Mobile where we’re on a mission to make mobile communication fair and accessible for everyone in Korea including foreigners.

Our journey began with a passion for helping the elderly save on their phone bills and providing them with smartphone education. However, it was not long before we stumbled upon a surprising revelation which is foreigners in Korea were paying double the amount compared to locals for their mobile services.

Driven by a desire for fairness and transparency, we embarked on a thorough investigation of the mobile markets in Ansan, Suwon, and other regions and online markets. We discovered a lack of proper information and unfair profit distribution, leaving foreigners at a disadvantage while navigating Korea’s complex communication service.

That is when we made a decision to establish Kimbab Mobile, a nationwide mobile phone retailer for foreigners. Our second flagship store, Kimbab Mobile, succeeding 우리아빠핸드폰 the first store for senior citizens in Gokseong, is now proudly located right next to Seoul’s easy-to-visit Singil Station exit 2.

We believe that foreigners in Korea, regardless of nationality, should have access to the same benefits and savings enjoyed by locals, by implementing 알뜰폰메뚜기족’s method, which is a way to change the current carrier to a new carrier each time the promotion ends. We will contact you first every time the promotion is over. And we will provide you with the same price of the plan as you are being offered.

With us, you will never have to worry about missing out on promotions or deals, we handle all the complicated details for you, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

But here is the best part when you spread the word about Kimbab mobile to your acquaintances, you are not just helping us grow, you are also sharing in our success. We believe in giving back to our community, which is why we share most of our revenue with you, our valued customers.

With over 1.5 million foreigners in Korea now, we are committed to making a difference in each and every one of your lives. Together, let’s ensure that everyone in Korea gets the fair treatment and savings they deserve. Join us at Kimbab Mobile and let’s make a positive impact together

Founder’s background:
Hyunjong Jo, the founder of Kimbab Mobile, used to forgo my dream of becoming a police officer. Observing the situation of foreigners, he instead decided to embark on a new journey with Kimbab Mobile to help foreigners.

How to Activate the SIM Card

Simply follow our intuitive activation process to get connected in minutes

Please provide the name of the carrier for your current plan. (For postpaid plans, you can change your plan after using the postpaid service for more than 6 months. If you are switching from a prepaid to a postpaid plan, please inform us.)


Let us know the plan you want to change to.


Read the proposal for your desired plan and fill out the Google form we provide.


Sign the application form based on the information you provided in the Google form.


We will submit your ARC and the signed application form to the new carrier for SIM card activation. (Activation will start once you receive the new SIM card. You will be able to continue using mobile services during the plan change process.)


Once activation is complete, turn off your phone, replace the SIM card, and reboot your phone at least twice. If the SIM card does not work, please contact us immediately.





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